Shocker...Plastic Pollution makes seabirds sick

A recent study has concluded that seabirds have lower blood calcium levels, becoming smaller/lighter, the their wing lengths are decreasing. 


They are eating plastic from the ocean.

Researchers from the University of Tasmania's Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) studied blood samples from birds located off the eastern coast of Australia.  They found that adult birds have been feeding their chicks small pieces of plastic alongside their usual diet of fish.  An article recently published by CNN also added that nearly every seabird on earth is eating plastic (According to a WWF report last year).

According to Jennifer Lavers, who lead the study for IMAS, "The presence of plastic also had a negative impact on the birds' kidney function, causing a higher concentration of uric acid, as well as on their cholesterol and enzymes."  This rise in cholesterol was one of the most surprising findings of the study although what it means for the birds and their health is not yet understood.

Until now, there has not been much data gathered on seabirds who have digested plastic.  This is mostly due to the fact that seabird deaths happen out at sea and their bodies are decomposed before scientists can study them.