Our Bird Population is Declining - 7 Simple Ways to Help

The bird populations of US and Canada have declined by 30 percent since 1970.  A recent study by the American Bird Conservancy revealed that we have lost almost 3 billion birds since 1970.  That's roughly 1 in 4 birds in the past 50 years.

Here are some lowlights from the study:

  • Grassland birds are especially hard hit, with a 53-percent reduction in population — more than 720 million birds — since 1970. 
  • Shorebirds, most of which frequent sensitive coastal habitats, were already at dangerously low numbers and have lost more than one-third of their population.
  • The volume of spring migration, measured by radar in the night skies, has dropped by 14 percent in just the past decade.

Wondering what you can do to help?  3BILLIONBIRDS.org created a great list of simple and easy steps that we can all take to reverse this awful trend.  

  1. Make windows safer, day and night

  2. Keep cats indoors

  3. Reduce lawn, plant natives

  4. Avoid pesticides 

  5. Drink coffee that's good for birds


  7. Watch birds, share what you see

More details on each step can be found at 3BILLIONBIRDS.org/7-simple-actions.